Our Lawn Care Services

Lawn Cutting


SLS provides excellent grass cutting services. We make lawn service scheduling simple and dependent on your needs. Our mower blades are sharpened weekly to keep lawns consistently crisp and clean. Using only the best equipment, we always do careful work: your lawn won’t be burned, scalped, or gouged. We take pride in meticulous effort to ensure well-kept lawns for our customers.


When it comes to your commercial facility, first impressions are critical. SLS is competent to manage the groundskeeping for all of your commercial facilities. Not only does SLS provide exceptional mowing, we are capable of maintaing all of your grounds’ upkeep. Samuel’s Lawn Service provides comprehensive, year-round care that weeds the gardens, plows the parking lot, aerates the lawn, and everything in between.


Green Grass


Got weeds? Samuel’s Lawn Services is here to help! Proper fertilization is key to beautiful lawns, but knowledge is key to proper application and timing. SLS is fully certified and licensed to fertilize what you need, when you need it.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Leaf Cleanup


With the beautiful fall colors comes the great task of leaf cleanup. Tired of raking endless leaves every year? SLS will quickly remove all your leaves. Now you won’t have to break your back or your budget!

Shrub Control Services

Pruning and Trimming


Did you know that proper pruning doesn’t always happen in the fall? Proper trimming for flowering bushes should be done immediately after bloom. Educated and experienced staff guarantee that SLS will properly care for your shrubbery and landscaping.

Aeration | Silt Seeding | Over-Seeding

Specialty Lawn Maintenance


We all want lawns that look like Lambeau Field or Miller Park… But, a healthy lawn requires specialty maintenance to ensure health and vibrance. Aeration, silt seeding, and over-seeding require expert training and proper seed choices to best-match

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