Preparing for Plowing: Does Your Salt Measure Up?

A simple internet search will quickly provide plenty of forecasts, predictions, and speculation about the coming winter months. Those of us who can’t leave for balmy Florida are trying to keep an eye on the weather forecast, FullSizeRenderbecause a few inches of snowy stuff can quickly affect our plans! But since the snow is hesitating on its usual endless onslaught, let’s pause for a minute and talk about an important facet of properly dealing with snow: salt. What kind of salt do you use on your driveway? Sometimes plowing contractors, homeowners, and business owners head out to buy cheap bags of water softener salt… Good idea, right? Most plowing companies buy the cheapest rock salt to cut down ice, but then what are you left with? Rock salt is cheap and effective, but it doesn’t work in temperatures under 5° F; it leaves a chalky residue all over  people, cars, and floors;  it corrodes metal and concrete; and it kills grass and plants near the sidewalks or driveways. But is there a better option? Absolutely!

Samuel’s Lawn Service uses Central Salt’s commercial deicing products. Even though we charge comparable rates to other contractors for ice management, we invest more in our materials to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness. ProSlicer® Commercial Ice Melter from Central Salt is the best product for several very important reasons. Without listing all the boring ingredients and features, this purple potion is better than plain rock salt because it works at up to -20° F, leaves a residue that helps prevent ice from re-forming, doesn’t track indoors as much, is less corrosive on metal and concrete, and is more environmentally safe for humans, animals, and plants. For warmer ice removal jobs, MegaMelt® Halite Crystals effectively remove ice with the same benefits.

As you’re driving around Whitewater, you might see blue or purple sidewalks and driveways. If you see the blue, then it’s probably our crew!

Here’s a picture of our special potion working away on some thick ice in Whitewater. Even after high volume traffic and weeks of buildup, ice disappears within a few minutes of application.












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